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Susan Rizzo

Susan was born in England and came to America in 1964. In 1971, she was a founding member of The Farm, a large intentional, alternative community in Summertown, TN, which is still there today. Susan is a wife, mother of 4, student, grade school science teacher, community clinic lab tech, farmer and singer. After coming to Melbourne, Susan became manager of Community Harvest Cafe, a vegetarian cafe she ran for 20 years. For the 14 years, she managed a chiropractic office. She has always been involved in community education and has taught man classes on nutrition, cooking, healing practices and lifestyle choices at local hospitals, schools, gatherings, and healing institutions. She explored a personal yoga and meditation practice since 1969 and started using sound with crystal bowls, Tibetan bells and mantras to facilitate meditations in 1996. She brings a lot of experience, passion, and many varied lifeskills to her classes.