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Ron Sageser

After retiring from the Military and moving to Florida in 2012, Ron immediately had to fight an entirely new battle – cancer, surgeries and treatments. The path to recovery and rebuilding was accomplished by embracing the healing power of the ocean with surfing, scuba diving, sail racing and adding yoga after an injury. Deeply and passionately immersing his mind, body and spirit in daily yoga practices provided spiritual and motivational resolve to push physical and mental limits while exploring new layers of presence, compassion, patience and gratitude. Ron has over 600hrs in numerous modalities of yoga, yoga seminars, workshops and nutrition courses and is very grateful to his teachers and fellow yogis’ for the encouragement, wisdom, knowledge and guidance they so generously share. Continuously adding to his “tool belt” of knowledge and love for the many layers and facets of yoga, he is currently working on his 200YRT and is Level I and Level II Aerial Instructor Certified.
Almost every session I teach includes a focus on Breath, Strengthening, Stretching, Balancing, Healing and Relaxing while allowing time for Reflection, Renewal, Inspiration and Stillness. My classes are accessible to everyone and focus on exploration rather than destination.
When you come to your mat, close your eyes, breathe and find what you seek.