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Megan Davenport

Megan has been on a spiritual journey for most of her life. Since the early age of 6 she has been learning various ways to reach enlightenment and connect to Source. Throughout her vast learnings and experiences, she instinctively knew that being of service to others was the key to her truest joy. Megan worked several years in the Social work field assisting others with drug addiction, emotional and physical abuse, mental illness and dementia. While she found tremendous rewards being a healer in the social work arena, she still felt something was missing; something of deeper meaning. Twelve years ago, she found herself in the hands of a Life Activation practitioner and healing catapulted her to the next phase of her life’s journey. Through this experience she found her true life’s purpose. Since then, she has become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Reiki Master practitioner, Initiated Knights Templar, initiated 3rd Step Ritual Master, Initiated Celtic Shaman, Initiated Aeternus Omnipotent, Etheric Reconstruction Practitioner, Metaphysical Teacher and light worker.